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Ika Musume could hear her stomach grumble and could feel her knees quiver as she carried orders out to the hungry customers of the Lemon beach house and restaurant.  She held two large bowls of rice and beef in one hand and clutched cold mugs of beer and plates of curry rice in her tentacles, trying not to drop anything despite how woozy she felt.

"I can't keep this up, de geso!" She grumbled as she sat down the food and drink at a table occupied by hungry patrons.  "I can't invade while I'm running on empty, much less do all this hard work!"  The young squid girl had once invaded the small beach diner as part of her plan to invade the land as revenge for their crimes of pollution and overfishing in the ocean world.  Unfortunately she had to postpone her conquest after damaging the restaurant and being menaced into earning its repayment by Chizuru Aizawa, who along with her younger sister Eiko and younger brother Takeru owned the restaurant.

"I just need a single shrimp and I'll be fine... No one will notice if one goes missing, de geso!"  One of Ika's long blue tentacles began to slip away, reaching towards a plate of shrimp curry sitting at a nearby table primed to pluck one off it.

"Now now, you shouldn't be trying to sneak food off the customer's plate, Ikachan."  Chizuru planted her foot firmly on the tentacle, which went limp and flopped down from the floor.  "You wouldn't want to have to end up having to pay for it, would you?  Or maybe they wouldn't mind having some squid on the side."  Ikachan quickly retracted her tentacles and backed away from Chizuru.

"Ikachan, you don't even need to pilfer any food.  You have lunch in ten minutes."  Eiko grumbled as she walked past Ika Musume, ignoring her whimpers and grumbling stomach.

"But who knows if I can make it past ten minutes, de geso!  What if I wither up and die before then? What if one single piece is all it takes me to keep me from shriveling up and wasting away?"

"It's okay, Ikachan!"  Ika Musume felt her appetite fade away upon hearing the voice of Sanae Nagatsuki, her biggest fan, whose tendencies to get a bit too touchy feely rubbed Ika Musume the wrong  way.  "If you want I'll help feed you back from the brink of starvation!"  She ran towards Ika Musume, arms extended for a big embrace and lips puckered for a bigger smooch.

"I'd rather eat barnacles than let you feed me!" Ika Musume roared as her tentacles lashed out and smacked Sanae, hitting her so hard that she was flung out of the restaurant and onto the beach, skidding face first through the sand with a smile on her face.

"I love it when she's rough," she sighed happily, before planting her face down in the sand.

"Now come on, Ikachan," Chizuru said with a sneaky smile.  "Perhaps if you're nice I'll give you an extra shrimp on your plate!"

"I'm not going to give in to your bribery, de geso!" Ika Musume declared defiantly.  "You're just trying to make me complacent before you take away all my precious shrimp!"

"Hey, hey, quiet down," Eiko grumbled as she put her hand over Eiko's mouth.  "You're making such a ruckus that it's freaking out the customers.  Now just finish up your shift!  You've wasted so much time complaining you only have a couple minutes left!"  

"Fine, de geso!  I'll let you win for now!  But if I die before I get something to eat then I'll never forgive you!"  Ikachan stuck out her tongue at Eiko as she walked back to the counter to pick up the next order to hand out.

"If you waste any more time I'll personally put you six feet under!" Eiko growled, sticking her tongue out back at Ika Musume.

Ika Musume sat out back behind the beach house, leaned up against the wall and pouting as she popped shrimp into her mouth.  

"Why do they get to boss me around?  Why do they get to choose when I get to eat, de geso?  It's not fair!" she whined, thrashing her legs up and down and kicking up all sorts of sand.  "In the ocean you can just eat shrimp whenever you want...  Humans have just toyed with the way it is in nature for their own twisted enjoyment, de geso!  They must think they're too good to hunt down a good snack!"  

Ika Musume set her bowl of shrimp and rice down at her side, stood up defiantly, planted her hands on her hips and laughed.  "We'll I'll show them!" she shouted.  "I'll show them I don't need their fake human hospitality, de geso!  I'll dive in the ocean and hook myself a feast!"    Ika Musume did her warm  up stretches, ready to dive in and catch her own meal, when her stomach let out a long, sustained groan.  Her knees wobbled, her head swam, and she fell down onto her behind.  

"I can't do these sort of things on an empty stomach, though! I'll have to follow this plot through later!"  Ika Musume dug into her bowl of shrimp and rice, gobbling up in a flash, and patting her stomach and setting the bowl down at her side.  "Delicious!" She sighed happily.  "It almost makes me forget how bad Eiko and Chizuru think they can treat me!  I bet it's because they think that because they're bigger than me they can boss me around, like they're some kind of apex predators!  Well that's wrong!"  Ika Musume put her arms around her knees and grumbled to herself.  "Well, I'll show them!  One day I'll go through a bit growth spurt into a full grown squid and then I'll be the one bossing them all around!" Ika smirked and chortled to herself, visualizing herself towering over them, clutching them in her tentacles as they plead for her mercy.  "Yes... once I'm bigger!"

"Once you're bigger, you say?"

"Yes, once I'm bigger!" Ika Musume replied triumphantly.  "Then everyone will...  why are you listening to me?"  Ika Musume jettisoned up to her feet, turning around in shock to find that someone, or two be precise, three someones, had been listening intently to her monologue.    The three science stooges, Harris, Clark, and Martin had been there to hear her laments and had become quite sensitive to her plight.

"Is something the matter, miss squid alien?" Martin asked, stroking his chin.

"No, nothing is a matter, de geso!  I'm as fine as a frogfish!  You must have been listening to someone else's problems!  And besides, I'm not an alien!"  The three science stooges, American geniuses from MIT, had traveled from America to study Ika Musume, running on the belief that she did not come from the sea at all but actually from beyond the stars.  Their intellects were incredible, but rather than putting their minds to good use they preferred to create inventions that more often than not caused more trouble than they were worth.

"Well, it's too bad!" Harris added with a smirk.  "We have the perfect invention to help fix all your problems!"

"To fix all my problems?"  Ika Musume's tentacles perked up and began to wiggle in the air as she looked up to face the screwball scientists, forgetting just how useful their inventions actually proved to be.  Clark pushed over a large cooler and opened it in front of Ika Musume, who peeked eagerly into it, her excitement quickly vanishing when she took a good look at its contents.  "Rice balls?  How is that supposed to solve anything, de geso!"  

"These aren't any normal rice balls, of course!" Clark grinned as she motioned to them, each individually wrapped in plastic.  "They're our incredible Megabulk Rice Balls!"

"We wanted to make them Megabulk Cheeseburgers but we figured that since we're in Japan we should  make them something a bit more... Japanese," Harris added.

"If you eat a few of them, it'll certainly make you bigger and stronger than everyone who keeps bossing you around.  Trust us!  We don't call them Megabulk for nothing! They'll make you super big!  Then no one will pick on you!"

"No one?" Ika Musume muttered as she picked one of the Megabulk Rice Balls out, unwrapped it, and inspected it even closer.  "These look a little bland to me!  Couldn't you have made this in a nice shrimp flavor, de geso?"

"Oh, we have a way to fix that!" Martin declared as he pulled a spray bottle out of his lab coat pocket, a  large bulky dial attached to it.  "If I just adjust this Giga Flavorizer I could make it taste like anything!  Oranges, beef, even soap!"

"Even soap?  That thing sounds like it might be a bit overdone, de geso," Ika Musume gagged.  "Just make my rice taste like shrimp!" She said, prodding at Martin with her tentacles.

"I will, I will!" Martin cried out.  "Just stop poking me!"  Ika Musume snatched the Flavorizer from Martin and withdrew her tentacles.  

"Then I will be taking this, de geso!"

"Why are you taking that too?" The three scientists shouted.

"It seems like it will come in handy!" Ika Musume replied, the Flavorizer hanging off her tentacle.  "Now I can make anything taste like shrimp!  Besides, you all can just make another one!"  She laughed as she sprayed the unwrapped rice ball, popping it into her mouth.  Her eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth rose up into a blissful style.  "This works wonderfully, de geso!"

"We're glad you like it," Harris said, grinning.  "And the rice ball?"

"It's so... filling!" Ika Musume declared.  "Did it work?  Am I bigger?"

"Oh, it looks like..." Martin squinted his eyes and leaned in close.  "You already seem even more menacing to me!"

"I do?"  Ika Musume smiled and crossed her arms, her tentacles wiggling with satisfaction.  "I don't quite feel any bigger... But I'll definitely take your word for it, de geso!"  In fact, the only thing bigger about Ika Musume was her belly.  Due to the enhanced rice ball it was already incredibly full, bulging out far against her dress and pressed against the fabric, as if she had just gorged herself on a seafood buffet.  "That was... definitely filling, too!" She added, rubbing her big round distended tummy.

"Well, of course!  To accommodate your extra growth it's packed with calories!"

"Of course!  I'll need the extra energy!"  Her tentacles slipped into the big storage refrigerator and pulled out a pair of rice balls, unwrapping them, spritzing them with shrimp flavor, and popping them into her mouth.

"Aren't you going a bit overboard?" stuttered Clark as Ika Musume's stomach bulged out further, Ika Musume appearing unworldly pregnant as she rubbed her stomach.

"Of course not!  I'm dealing with some dire circumstances, de geso!  I'll need to be colossal if they'll stop bullying me!"  Ika Musume's tentacles lashed out and grabbed the cooler's handle as she triumphantly began to march back to the beach house.

"Why are you taking the rest?" Clark asked as Ika Musume left.

"In case I need them, of course!" She replied with a smile.

"Should we really let her take all those?" Clark asked, concerned.  "What if she tries to eat them all?"

"That would be perfect for our experiment, then!" Harris guffawed.

"But then what will we do if she finds out that she's not going to become the right kind of big she expected?" Martin gulped, sweating some.

"I don't think she'll be able to do much at that point!" Harris smirked, and his contemporaries joined him in laughing.

"Everyone!  Stop what you're doing and listen to me, de geso!"  Ika Musume heaved herself up onto an empty chair with some effort and then carefully stepped onto a table, which creaked and wavered under her weight, and stood defiantly, hands on your hips.  "Your reign over the land is over!  It's time for the ocean to rise up and fix everything that human kind has ruined, de geso!"  The lunch crowd at the Lemon could only stare up at Ika Musume, wondering what in the world  she was even rambling about and why she needed to make such a big scene.  "I know you are all intimidated by my powerful presence, so the sooner you start bowing the less you will have to suffer!"

"Ika Musume?  What in the world are you doing?"  Eiko ran out from the back of the restaurant, knowing something had to be amiss.  Every once and a while Ika Musume had her moments like this when her invader spirit would arise, and at these times it took a little tough love from Eiko or her sister to bring her back down to earth.  "Get down from there!" she shouted furiously, looking up to Ika Musume.  Once she got a good look at her, however, her fury was quickly replaced with great amusement.  "Why are you laughing at me, Eiko?  Don't you know that I'm bigger than you now?  Or are you blinded by fear, de geso!  It must be driving you insane!"  Ika Musume thrust out her bulging belly, which bounced up and down and pressed against her dress, a divot in the fabric where her belly button lay.  

"You definitely are bigger than me," Eiko replied, trying not to burst out laughing.  "You've sure got that right!"

"Exactly!"  Ika Musume laughed heartily.  "And since I'm the biggest here, I'm now the alpha squid, de geso!"

"That's not how it works on land!"  Eiko groaned.  "Now do us all a favor, get off that table, and get back to work!"

"I don't need to listen to you!" Ika Musume laughed and stomped her hips, causing her flab to bounce and the table to creak and wobble under her weight.  "You're just a small fry!  A guppy, de geso!"

"I think all that fat has gone to her head," Eiko sighed as her bigger sister approached silently, stepping up to the table.

"No matter how large she is," Chizuru began, "she's still the same Ika Musume."  She turned her head up to Ika Musume and opened her eyes at her, a look of near murderous intent in them.  "And she should get off the table... I wouldn't have to do something I'd come to regret, yes?" She glared at Ika Musume, waiting for her to give in and get back to work, and to perhaps begin shedding all that excess weight she had just packed on so that it wouldn't interfere with her job performance.  Normally after a couple seconds of Chizuru's evil eyes Ika Musume would give in to her fears and cooperate but Ika Musume stood strong, crossing her arms over her flabby chest and lifting her chins defiantly.  Chizuru's lips quivered as she tried to maintain her stare.  "I'm being serious, Ika Chan.  I don't want you behaving like this!"

"Why do I need to listen to you?" Ika Musume asked.  "Compared to me you're nothing but plankton!"

"Now Ika Musume," Chizuru stammered, shaken by Ika Musume's uncharacteristic display of confidence in the face of life threatening danger.  "You shouldn't go saying things you'll regret in the future!"

"Threaten me all you want!" Ika Musume chortled, her belly rolling from the laughter.  "You're yesterday's catch now!"

"I... I can't believe she's acting like this," Chizuru groaned as she slumped over, absolutely dejected by Ika Musume's new resistance to her threats.  Eiko too was in shock that her sister could no longer menace Ika Musume into acting how she wanted.

"Why is she acting all tough just because she got so big?" She pondered out loud.  "Is this like flab over matter or something?"

"Oh, Ika Chan!  You're so tough!"  Sanae climbed up onto the table alongside Ika Musume, its overtaxed legs swaying and buckling from the addition of her weight to Ika Musume's.  "And now I have more Ika Chan to love!" she said as she wrapped her arms around Ika Musume, her limbs sinking into Ika Musume's expanse as she nuzzled her face into Ika Musume's fat folds.

"Hey, stop that!  It tickles!"  Ika Musume squirmed trying to slip out of Sanae's tight grip, her tentacles flopping around uselessly, unable to control them while being tickled.  "Quit invading me!" she yelled, shoving her belly out so she could shake Sanae away.  Instead of simply shaking her off as she had intended, however, she forcefully bumped Sanae away with her bulging rubbery belly, knocking her so far that she flew out of the restaurant and face first into the sand.

"Oh, why do you always force away the ones you love?" she sighed wistfully.

"See, Eiko? That's why you shouldn't mess around with me!  My defense is impenetrable now, de geso!"  Ika Musume's tentacles lashed out and began picking up all the plates they could grab, dumping them into her mouth and dropping the plates on the ground so she could pick up even more and gorge on their contents.

"She's acting insane!" Eiko shouted as Ika Musume grew fatter, her dress tightening with every meal she ate, customers running away in a panic as their food was snatched up.  "I'm going to tear you up and make you pay for all of the food you've eaten and the plates you break!"  With a loud crack the legs on the table buckled and burst, slamming down onto the ground with a loud smack that sent her whole body shaking.  "And you're going to replace that table too!"

"I'm not going to do anything!  I told you, I'm not going to listen to anyone smaller than me!"

"The more her body grows, the more her ego does too!  It's really steaming me up!"  Eiko growled, absolutely infuriated by how bull-headed Ika Musume was acting.  "I'm going to leave you in here alone with your flab...  I'm just getting sick and tired of seeing you here!"  Eiko stomped out the restaurant, leaving Ika Chan to gloat and guffaw, her stomach bouncing as she laughed raucously, having for once succeeded in her invasion.  As Eiko exited the restaurant in defeat she saw the three scientists bent over, peeking in and watching Ika Musume carefully.  "What are you three doing here?" Eiko snarled, growling at the three scientists from behind.  

"We're just... observing!" Martin shouted.

"Observing what?" Eiko growled, balling up her hand into a fist.  "Don't tell me you three are all responsible for this!"

"No, of course not, why would you think that?" The three asked all at once, sweating heavily and tugging at the collars of their lab coats.  

"It was you, you knuckle heads!" Eiko roared.

"Okay, maybe we did let her try our Megabulk Rice Balls!" Harris Sputtered.

"We didn't think they'd bulk her up that much, though!" Clark added.

"If you didn't think that why would you call them Megabulk Rice Balls?" Eiko shouted, causing the three to tense up yet again.  "Don't tell me you purposely gave her them to use her as a test subject, because thanks to you she's acting completely unruly!  She's convinced that since she's bigger than us all she can act completely insane!  And you are all to blame!"

"We're sorry!" the three science stooges shouted up from on their knees.

"Don't just apologize!  Fix this!  You have to have something to get her back to her normal size! If she keeps acting like this we'll never be able to open up again! You have to have some invention to make her lose all that weight, right?"  Clark, Martin and Harris all looked away from Eiko and began to whistle innocently, trying to sneak away.  "You mean you don't?" Eiko asked, blocking them off as they cowered in front of her.

"We never expected she would eat so many of them... It won't be easy to reverse it!" Martin muttered.

"We can make a way to reverse her weight gain, but it might take a while!" Clark pleaded.

"So you don't have some sort of weight loss solution on hand, even though you made some sort of super weight loss rice ball?  Now I'll never be able to get Ika Musume to listen to me now that she's bigger... Unless..."  Eiko began to grin.  "You'll be able to find a way to reverse the weight gain, right?" She asked.

"Yes, though it might take some time to do the testing," Harris replied meekly.

"Good! Now, do you have any more of those rice balls you gave her?" Eiko asked.  "If she won't listen to me now, she will once I get bigger than her!"

"We don't have any Megabulk Rice Balls left," Clark said, before pointing to a large cardboard display set up to the side of the scientists.

"But we do have Megabulk Candy Sticks!" Martin completed Clark's sentence while motioning to the display, shelves full of boxes of a suspiciously familiar candy.  

"Aren't these just Poc-"  The three scientists hushed Eiko before she could finish her sentence.

"No, no, they're just candy sticks!" Harris blurted out.  "We can't risk calling them the 'p' word in case we decide to take these to market!"

"So much for science for the sake of science," Eiko grumbled as she grabbed a box, ripping it open and dumping it in her mouth, crunching it loudly.

"Aren't you going a bit overboard?" The scientists all gasped as Eiko tossed the empty box into a nearby trash can and began to down another box.

"Why didn't you stop Ika Musume when she went overboard?" Eiko asked, her belly now bulging out from under her uniform's t shirt, weight piling on as she began to walk back into the beach house, ready to take it back from Ika Musume.  Stepping back inside she looked left and right;  there was no sign of Ika Musume in either direction.  "How suspicious," she thought out loud, before noticing a trail of shrimp tails leading to the storage room.  "She better not be eating our supplies," she growled.  "This is going to be murder on our budget!"  

Eiko stepped through the door to the kitchen and let out a gasp when she found herself stuck in the door, her now wide hips and belly snagging on the side of the doorway. Her rear jiggled in her now tight shorts, which were so tight they now fit more like a pair of bikini bottoms, with some of her pillowy butt cheeks slipping out the leg holes.  Eiko pushed herself ahead, trying to pop herself out of the doorway, but her fat new form was wedged in there quite firmly.  She looked around the room and her ire rose when she saw Ika Musume bent down in front of a refrigerator, her tentacles combing it intently and shoveling everything into her mouth.

"Ika Musume!  Get out of there!"  Eiko yelled, still trying to escape from the doorway.  Ika Musume, however, seemed to ignore her.  She was head first in the fridge, her dress having rode quite high up on her flabby butt and hips.  Ika Musume always wore a white one piece swimsuit under her dress, and the bottom of it was now visible, sinking in between her fat butt and exposing most of her squiddly bottom, the cheeks bouncing and swaying side to side as she efficiently emptied the fridge of its contents.

"I told you, Eiko!  I don't listen to plankton, de geso!"  Eiko could observe that her marine companion had gotten fatter from gorging on food that belonged to customers and the beach house pantry, and it infuriated her more.  Ika Musume's  nasty attitude wasn't winning any favor's either, but Eiko knew that once she could pop out of this doorway she'd be able to steal away Ika Musume's thunder.  Ika may have put on a bit of weight from her extra eating but she was still smaller than Eiko, and she'd have to listen to Eiko now that she was bigger, right?  With one extra shove, putting all her strength into the hips, Eiko burst out from the doorway, cringing some when she heard loud cracking accompanying her escape.  She'd have to add the repair for that door to Ika Musume's debt, since it was her bad behavior that lead to it anyway.

"Are you still trying to stop me?" Ika Musume asked, frustrated as she turned around.  "I guess you just don't learn, do you?"  Ika's confidence drained out of her as she looked over Eiko, whose body now eclipsed her own, casting a large shadow over Ika Musume, who could only gulp as Eiko began to approach her. "How.. how did you get so big, de geso!"

"The same way you did," Eiko said, pushing Ika Musume away from the fridge with her belly, using her superior size to shove her into a nearby corner. Belly bounced against belly as she was forced back by Eiko, whose deep belly button rested lower than Ika's, and the squid girl sputtered weakly, unable to stand up against Eiko now that she was the larger of the two.  Eiko bounced Ika Musume back until she pinned her in the corner, Ika Musume's soft rear conforming with the angle of the wall as Eiko pinned her in.

"You mean those three wackos betrayed me?"  Ika Musume blubbered.  "How dare they!"

"They weren't on your side to begin with!" Eiko said as she shoved her belly into Ika Musume more to further immobilize her in the corner.  "Now, you're going to have to do a lot of work to pay back for all the customers we lost, the food you ate, and that table you broke.  I think you're going to be working with us for a while, Ika Musume!" Eiko grinned.

"Heeheehee..."  Ika Musume's cornered expression quickly changed to a smile.  "Are you so sure about that, Eiko?"

"Sure about what?" Eiko asked, confused by Ika Musume's sudden bout of confidence. Her tentacles extending and creeping along the floor, grabbing the hold of her cooler and tugging it closer before opening the top and sliding in.  They slipped out with four rice balls and the tentacles zipped back to Ika Musume, popping the rice balls into her mouth.  In a sudden surge of flab Ika Musume bounced Eiko away with a growing belly, her rear bloating out so quickly and rapidly that it pushed against the wall.  With a loud crack and the sound of tumbling wood the corner behind Ika Musume burst open, giving the squid the escape route she needed.  

"See you later, plankton!" Ika Musume laughed, her now bigger booty bouncing all around as she waddled out the shop into the beach, escaping rather slowly.  Eiko was so shocked by Ika Musume's cake that it took her a moment to regain her bearings, but when she did she wasn't happy at all with the damage Ika Musume had done.

"I'm going to kill her!" Eiko growled,  looking at the new hole in the side of the beach house.  "But not before I make her fix everything she's broken today, by hand!"  Eiko watched as Ika Musume wobbled out, confusing the crowd of beach-goers who parted as she began to shout out orders to them.  Eiko sighed as she took a look around the kitchen, surveying the damage.  The only thing that Ika Musume hadn't overturned or wrecked was a large backpack.  Eiko looked at the backpack closely, and smiled, a  scheme to overtake Ika Musume once again brewing in her head.


Ika Musume huffed and puffed as she crossed the beach, her belly swaying pendulously and kicking up sand as her waddling left uneven footsteps in the sand.  Confused beach-goers and tourists all watched the squid girl bounce and wobble across the sand, confused by her babbling about how they should bow to her.  For the most part, though, they weren't reacting with the sort of fear that Ika Musume was hoping for, not scattering as she approached.

"I am Ika Musume, and I come from the sea!" She shouted as she launched out her tentacles, which slid into coolers and picnic baskets, pulling out the tasty food and the cold drinks they held in them.  She unapologetically began to gobble down all the food she had stolen and planted the empty bottles and wrappers in trash cans.  She used two spare tentacles to rub her swollen belly as the beach-goers began to run from her, afraid she might try to eat them next like some sort of reckless sea monster.  To make the situation even more confusing an even larger woman was lurking up behind her. Ika Musume was far too absorbed in her aspirations of domination to notice the meaty arms reaching around you.

"Ah ha!  Got you!"  Ika Musume jolted as two meaty arms slipped under hers and squeezed tight into her belly folds, grabbing rolls of flab tightly.

"Let go of me!" Ika Musume shouted, squirming as fingers sunk tight into her flesh, making sure to grab on securely.  

"No way!" Eiko shouted. Ika Musume shook and jostled around, trying to break free, but Eiko's greater weight anchored her to the ground so firmly that Ika Musume wouldn't be able to get anywhere.  "I can't believe I did this, but now that I'm fatter than you you're not going to get anywhere!" She shouted, her belly smashed into Ika Musume's backside while her rear, now in an incredibly over-stretched bikini bottom, shook left in right with each escape attempt by Ika Musume.  Eiko so outsized Ika Musume that her belly began to ooze around the colossal squids sides.

"Take your hands off that squid!" Before Eiko could react something large and fleshy hit her from the side, taking her by such shock that she let go of Ika Musume's belly and tumbled to the ground.  She hit the sand with a loud thud.  Ika Musume, also thrown off by this sudden turn of events, decided to take this moment to wobble away for her freedom before Eiko could stand up.  Before she could even begin her retreat another pair of arms wrapped around her from behind, pulling her into the warm embrace of another large body, this one dwarfing even Eiko.  "Don't worry Ika Musume, I'm going to make keep you safe!"

"I don't need to be kept safe!  If anything, I need to be kept safe from you, de geso!" Ika Musume protested, kicking her legs, fat thunder thighs smacking into the big belly behind her.  The voice sounded huskier than usual, but even then Sanae's voice still managed to fill her with worry.  Sanae's fingers sunk even deeper into Ika Musume's belly than Eiko's had, and it was even less likely that Sanae would let go.  Sanae was also pushing her breasts uncomfortably close into Ika Musume's back, her already substantial bust now swallowing up the top on her pink bikini with ample cleavage that could now consume Ika Musume's chubby head.  Feeling them rub against her back forced Ika Musume to bite her lip;  the way they tickled could send Ika Musume into a fit of laughter that could make her vulnerable to even more intrusions from Sanae.

"Oh, don't worry!  I'll keep good care of you, Ika Chan!  I'll take you back to my home and feed you all sorts of yummies!  And then I'll rub up your big belly with lotion to make it feel all nice and soft!"

"Belly rubs?  Feeding?"  Eiko grimaced some as she stood up, a bit surprised by Sanae's intentions.  "I didn't know you were into that!"

"Oh, I'm into anything involving Ika Musume!" She cooed as she began to rub her belly up and down the squid's backside, her breasts bouncing as they traveled across rolls of backfat.

"I would love to let you borrow her," Eiko said, pushing her belly forward and putting her thick hands on her hips, "but I need her to help fix all the damage she's done... and there is a lot to fix."  

"I can either be food disposal for Sanae or get worked to death by Eiko...  I'm truly between a rock and a soft place, de geso," Ika Musume muttered.

"I'm not going to let go of her now that she's in my grasps!"  Sanae shouted back, hugging Ika Musume even closer.  "I've waited for this day for all my life!"

"But you haven't even known Ika Musume for that long!" Eiko growled, frustrated with Sanae.  "Listen, can't we just compromise?  I'll let you do whatever you want with Ika Musume after she fixes our shop!  I can even let you watch her fix it, if that's what you want!"

"Can I make her wear one of my maid outfits while she fixes it?" Sanae asked eagerly, beaming at the thought of Ika Musume hard at work crammed into such a cute outfit, showing off all sorts of cute flesh.

"If you have one that will fit her, whatever!  As long as she doesn't get away with completely wrecking our shop!"  As Eiko and Sanae discussed the terms of Ika Musume's imprisonment the squid girl glanced around, a pair of tentacles slowly sliding down the sides of her body and to the ground.  Once they hit the sand they began to slither towards the nearby cooler, creeping into its top and pulling out a couple of the rice balls.  The tentacles sneaked back the way they had came, Eiko and Sanae still discussing their plans for Ika Musume, not aware as she popped a pair of the rice balls into her mouth until Ika Musume bloated out once again.  Her butt grew into such a chunky shelf from the increased gain that it pushed Sanae so far back she could no longer clutch Ika Musume's belly.

"Kya!  My love is making Ika Chan grow!" She said, holding on as Ika Musume packed on more weight, starting to resemble a remora clinging onto a large whale.  As Ika Musume's body spread out her dress crept up until it rested at the heights of her belly, just underneath her flabby breasts.  Under her dress Ika Musume wore a white one piece swimsuit, and it could hardly adjust to the gain.  Her belly poured out its leg holes and it sunk into her belly button, swallowed up by the growing squid.

"Sanae, stop her!"  Eiko yelled as Ika Musume shook her rear, Sanae holding on to that rump like a rider at a rodeo until the constant shaking finally flung her off, tossing her into the sand.

"I want to do that again," she sighed in a daze as Ika Musume began to slowly waddle off to the cooler, exhausted and encumbered by so much flab.

"She's no help,"Eiko growled as she began to waddle after Ika Musume, able to catch up due to Ika Musume's slow movement.

"It's too late, Eiko!" Ika Musume declared.  "I'm not going to play around any more!  I'm going to show you the biggest squid in the world, de geso!" She laughed as she approached the cooler, panting loudly as she dragged her cankles in the sand.

"Now, now, Ika Musume!  I don't think that's a good idea!"  Ika Musume could feel shivers run throughout her flab when she heard that voice.

"Ch.. Chizuru!" Ika Musume gulped, frozen in place just inches from the cooler containing the rest of the rice balls.  "I'm not afraid of you now, so don't even try!" She gasped, still unable to turn around.  Even though the last time she had managed to overcome Chizuru, something felt different this time.  Chizuru's voice sounded different, breathier with a strong hint of huskiness to it.

"Is that why you're misbehaving so much?" Chizuru asked, stepping forward.  Ika Musume began to turn around, her belly swaying side to side as she took a look behind her, beginning to quiver as a wall of flesh came into her field of vision.  There stood Chizuru, incredible amounts of her, so large that she looked to be barely standing, instead kept upright by her enormous belly and thick cankles.  Her sizable  breasts looked to be stuffed into a black swimsuit top with all the grace of someone trying to fit a beach ball into a Dixie Cup, and her face sported a multitude of chins and large cheeks, which slapped against her chest as she breathed loudly.    At the very least she was double Ika Musume's size, which was mind breaking to the young squid.  Now it was Ika Musume's turn to feel like a plankton adrift in the big sea.

"I'm not afraid of you... I've got these Mega Bulk rice balls and once I eat them I'll be the biggest again, de geso!"

"Is that so, Ika Chan?" Chizuru smiled, holding out a large cardboard box in her hands.  "If you do that I'll just eat up all these Mega Bulk cookies the scientists gave me!"

"Oh?  That's funny!" Sanae said, slowly sitting up in the sand.  "I got some wonderful Mega Bulk cupcakes from them!  They were so tasty!"  She licked her lips as her rear and belly spread out in the soft sand, seated quite comfortably down there.

"They've got so much food to fatten everyone up but nothing to help take the weight off?"  Eiko groaned.  "They really are a trio of quacks!"  Eiko shook her head and looked back to the standoff between Ika Musume and Chizuru.  Ika Musume's tentacles lashed out and picked up the cooler, planting it atop her huge belly.

"If you eat all of those I'm going to eat everything I have here, Ika Chan," Chizuru threatened, thrusting a thick hand into the box.

"Bring it, de geso!  I'm still going to be the big squid at this beach!" Ika Musume replied as she began to unwrap the remaining rice balls and cram them into her mouth.

"Ika Chan!"  Sanae said lovingly as Ika Musume's body began to ooze outwards, her dress and tight swimsuit creaking as her mass multiplied.  "I want to be big like you, too!" She shouted as she began to unwrap the sweet frosted cupcakes and pushed them in her mouth, breasts inflating and jiggling with extra weight.  Eiko watched her her friend, her sister, and Ika Musume binge on their fattening snacks, their bellies hanging down and anchoring them to the floor as they grew and grew with an expression of bewilderment, before pulling out a box of the candy sticks.  

"If you can't beat them, join them," she sighed, pouring the contents into her mouth as her belly began to surge forward and her rear pushed her bikini's bottom further and further back.

"Huh?  No one's here?"  Kiyomi Sakura, a young schoolgirl and best friend of Ika Musume, looked around inside the Lemon, startled to find it completely empty except for empty plates and a broken table.  "It looks like something bad happened in here," she gulped, surveying the mess that was made.  "I have to find Ika Chan and her friends and make sure everything is okay," she said, running outside, clutching a small lunch box over her chest.  When she got out she looked left and right, before spotting four large masses sitting in the sand.  Just one of these big expanses of flesh looked like they could flatten the nearby beach house with their rears and consume someone as thin as poor Kiyomi within the depths of their cleavage.

"H... how did I miss those?" she gasped as she approached them.  Taking a closer look she saw that these masses were wearing what looked to be large swimsuits that fit very poorly on their frames, sinking into sprawling asses and clinging for dear life on bulging breasts, while king sized bellies pushed out and traveled across the sand.  Kiyomi let out a gasp when she recognized the blue tentacle like hair of Ika Musume trickling down over two mattress sized shoulders.  "Ika Musume?"  Kiyomi gasped as she approached the massive squid.

"K... Kiyomi!" Ika Musume panted, her chins wobbling as she turned the most she could to look down to her friend.  

"What in the world happened?" She asked as she looked around, quickly recognizing Eiko's red hair from behind two enormous butt cheeks that rose up well beyond Kiyomi's own height.  She also spotted two gigantic pairs of breasts that had grown so round and overinflated she couldn't tell who they belonged to, but they surely had to be some of Ika Musume's friends.

"We all... got a little bit too... hungry," Ika Musume said heavily, her belly rising and falling as she talked.

"I can tell!"  Kiyomi said as she poked Ika Musume's overlarge belly, which shook lethargically in response.

"Don't worry girls!" Shouted Clark of the three science stooges as they ran onto the scene, carrying a long readout of paper that fluttered as they approached.  "We've made a big break through in making our Mega Thin Rice Balls!"

"If all goes as planned we should have them ready in...  six weeks!"  Martin stated.

"Six weeks?" The girls all shouted out with their husky voices.

"Oh my!" Kiyomi put her hands to her mouth.  "That's a long time to wait!  Maybe we should put you girls on an exercise regiment, and quick!"

"What kind of exercise can we even do?"  grumbled Eiko.  "I can barely even flex my fingers!"

"That... is a good point!"  Kiyomi admitted.  "At the very least you all should go on a diet!"

"For once...  I think that's a good idea... de geso!" Ika Musume consented, her whole body shaking as she spoke.

"It's too bad, though... My mom and I made this wonderful shrimp curry I wanted you to try, but seeing you like this..."  She stepped back to look at Ika Musume, who seemed to sink into her own body.  "Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea now."

"Shrimp curry?" Ika Musume shouted happily, beginning to salivate.  "Can't my diet start a bit later, de geso?" She asked.

"Well, maybe just this once!  A little won't hurt, right?  I'll even help feed you... it might be a bit tough for you to do this at your size!" Kiyomi said as she held the pot of shrimp curry close as she grabbed onto Ika Musume's ladder-like folds and began to scale up them gently. She gently sat down on Ika Musume's shoulder, a beanbag of flab with more than enough room to relax, and began to pick the shrimp out with her chop sticks, popping them into Ika Musume's mouth.

"These are wonderful, de geso!" Ika Musume praised.

"I'm glad you like them!" Kiyomi said as she pat Ika Musume on her cheek.  "I'll make you more tomorrow!"

"So much for that diet," Eiko sighed, though she couldn't help but smile at how happy the two must have looked, even if she couldn't see them past her bulging breasts.  Unfortunately not everyone was as  happy as Ika Musume and Kiyomi.  Sanae was blubbering loudly, tears streaming down her blubbery face.  "And what's wrong with you, Sanae?" Eiko asked.

"How dare her!  I should be the one up there feeding my big lovely Ika Musume!  Not her!"  She bawled.  Eiko couldn't help but roll her eyes.  

"I guess some people never change!
And now for something (not at all) completely different! You thought I just wrote fan fiction about video game girls becoming unthinkably obese?

Well I write it about animu girls too. What, you were expecting me to write something original?

Anyway, Ika Musume/Squid Girl is a cute little show. Each episode consists of three different shorts with little humorous stories about a squid girl (not a girl squid) and her adventures on land. It's fun and cute stuff and probably fitting enough for a goofy weight gain fic.

I was trying to go for something a bit more cartoony with this one, as if girls that are too large to exist AREN'T cartoony. But seriously, I was sort of going for a little bit of a Looney Tunes vibe, with each girl trying to outgrow the other to keep their superiority in a way. It's kind of based off my weird memories of King Sized Canary, except involving a bunch of cute girls on a beach getting larger by weight, not height.

Anyway, whatever. Enjoy this little one off fic! It won't have a part two! I know, me, practicing moderation in story length. What the hell, huh?
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GenuineSongBird Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Great story! I can say its the first story I began reading and finished on DA.
CompasionateCannibal Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Now this was fun to read! Actually, it felt more like I was reading the script for a gag manga than a story; the frantic nature of the bickering and heroine's logistical leaps felt like they came straight from a 4koma.

I don't know a thing about the anime this is based on, but the dialog flowed smoothly enough to where that wasn't a problem, and the characters felt more familiar after they each had a few lines. The expansion bits were nice as well, but I ended up reading through them quickly just to get back to the girl's banter; you've really got a way with making dialog feel natural.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Writer
Yeah, XD My only regret admittedly was kind of rushing through the gain, taking them from SSBBW to ultrasized and immobile, but I suppose I was trying to avoid making this story go on for too long!
CompasionateCannibal Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
The weight gain aspects didn't come off as rushed, just not as fun to read as the character interaction.

Now I'm not saying you don't have a talent for expansion or anything; Big-Assed Losers was incredible when it came to that.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah XD Character interaction is important anyway, I love to choose a series based off how well the characters bounce off each other. That's why I haven't really written as much Pokemon stories lately, though the characterization in the recent games has gotten much better XD
n0hav0cyet Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am not a weight gain fan (at all) but oh dear god, this made me laugh! :XD: I am never able to picture Squiddie becoming morbidly obese probably because it's not my thing, but I guess this actually stays true to the series. :giggle: I think my favorite part of this story is the first act, since it's so easy for me to picture in the manga or anime.

Like I said, I am not a BBW guy at all, but keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Writer
That's my goal, really XD I like to make stories that are fun even for those who are not into the... fetishy material. So that people who end up stumbling upon my page hopefully can at least like my stories a bit!

Though the expression Squiddie is making in your story really fits.
n0hav0cyet Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Da. Cant go wrong with something many fans really enjoy, even if its more into the personal approach. 8-) I dont go bashing on other pieces since I find that plain stupid. :roll:
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Writer
That's a good way to look at it XD It's far more productive than a lot of things I see on this site!
n0hav0cyet Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How so? :D
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Writer
Well it's nicer than the angry comments, or people who just post something like "YUCK." Those just don't help anything XD
n0hav0cyet Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah. Yeah, those. If you feel uncomfortable with something, try being more constructive and less whiny. I (no offense whatsoever) did feel a bit disturbed with little Squiddie gaining the most excess weight throughout the near end of the story, but that's probably because it's not my interest. It doesn't mean it's bad, just I may not be a person who will see it the way others do. If that even makes sense... :lol:

Still, the story was quite entertaining. Keep it up. 8-)
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you! I'll keep doing my best, hahaha.
HunterGhor Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Excellent work! I gotta say, I really enjoyed this fic. I share your enjoyment of the whole King Size Canary-inspired "escalating growth war" scenario, and you pulled it off pretty awesomely here. And while I admit that I have only the most cursory understanding of the series it's based on, from what I've seen, you managed to capture the characters and their personalities perfectly. That's something I put a lot of value in, and often strive for in my own work (which is all kept off-site, before you ask about where it is on my profile, lol). I always thought that just because a fic is of the enormous weight gain variety, it doesn't mean that the characters and setting can't be as accurate as possible.

Oh, and I'm happy to say that much like my companion Shinuto a few comments up, I'm feeling inspired by this to try my hand at a new story as well! Truth be told, I'd been wanting to try something with this kind of formula for a while now, but seeing your fic got me into the proper mindset to get back on it. Thanks for that! And keep up the good work~
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student Writer
Groovy XD I love that my fics inspire others, and I'm glad you enjoy mine as well. I think it's important to capture the essence of a character, even if its in an unusual situation like them putting on incredible amounts of weight. If you're going to fundamentally change the character then why use them in the first place? I mean in the end I'm writing something pretty silly but I at least like to put forth some sort of respect for the source material.
HunterGhor Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're quite welcome! I'm equally happy just reading them, though the inspiration is a lovely bonus. ^^ And yes, you definitely nailed that one-- not only does it aid the story's verisimilitude, but I also find that keeping characters...well, in-character in a weight gain fic is also a pretty fun literary challenge. It's interesting to try and get into their head and figure out just how they would react to such a strange situation, you know? And as you also said, it defeats the purpose of writing about an existing character if they're going to be altered beyond all recognition anyway. So far, I think you've been pretty consistent with characterisation in your stories, going back to your earlier Pokemon ones, which, incidentally, were what hooked me on your work to begin with.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Student Writer
Why thanks, hahaha, and I really agree with you. Weight gain is a tough situation to write for, since for a good 99.9999 percent of the population it is any thing but ideal, so you have to make sure they don't act too oddly or you lose some of the appeal of the character.

The funny thing about my Pokemon stories is that I had to fill in a lot of blanks. While the gym leader girls are lovely, they only get a handful of lines, so I had to fill in a few blanks with them!
HunterGhor Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're quite welcome, haha! And yes, I'm glad to hear that. Isn't it? But that very same thing makes it interesting as a challenge. Like you said, one has to try hard to make sure a character's reasons for trying to gain weight are at least halfway convincing; there are far too many fics out there that just have the characters randomly decide to love it for no reason, and that really takes me out of the action. It just comes off as gratuitous, you know?

I hear that; I myself frequently write fics about the Pokemon game protagonists over on, and a lot of them have pretty shallow personalities too, so I had to improvise quite a bit. I find that "filling in the blanks," so to speak, can actually be pretty fun, though. So long as you leave intact their most visible traits from the games, you pretty much have free reign with them. Kinda helps with the aforementioned problem of making their reasons for gaining weight more realistic.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012  Student Writer
Those Pokemon fics on the are mighty rad. It's nice to see the characters grow over the course of a story, and Pokemon does have some incredibly cute girls. Something is fun about taking a girl of great size on a journey and having her pack on more weight over the series of her travels, I'll admit. It's kind of neat to see a girl deal with the difficulties of their weight as well, especially in that sweet spot right before immobility.
HunterGhor Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
They most certainly are! That was actually the whole idea I had when I made my main interactive there; just as you said, I found the idea of taking some of Pokemon's many cute girls and subjecting them gradual gain across the course of a long journey, showing their various troubles with things like moving, fitting through tight spaces, their ever-increasing appetites, and other such things. I sadly never quite made it up to said "sweet spot" in any storyline, that you've mentioned it, I may well have to give that a try again.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
It's a fun thing. Another neat thing to see would've been when more bigger characters some into play, I like seeing groups of bigger girls together. They can help each other along some and of course help encourage bad eating habits in one another XD

I guess it's sort of neat when you have a bunch of big characters sharing the gaining experience. Talking about having to deal with their bellies sagging to their knees, getting stuck in doors, all that!
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Zang-Diddy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
This was certainly a whale of a tale!
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
Something is fishy about this comment.
lkj0987654321 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
RNG you are a cool guy and I like you. But... Ika Musume? Really?
Shinuto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
how dare you insult Squid Girl >:O

Nah, but seriously, he only did this to irritate and make you question your sanity, or some shit like that.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
nothing is safe
Shinuto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is amazing! In fact...I'm going to make story of Ika Musume too! Though...I think I'll shall go your way and have her say de geso, instead of those puns in the English dub, not that I don't like them, but I can foresee everyone else NOT liking them.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
Hahaha, I normally like squid puns, but some of them felt so far reaching that they didn't even border on wordplay, and I consider myself a pun connoisseur, so I went with the simpler solution. Besides, the subtitles I watched for the first season went with de geso as well, so it has stuck with me.

I'm glad I inspired you to write your own story though XD I aim to spread the creativity!
Shinuto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yeah some of them felt rather...stretched out. Still I did enjoy a good amount of them. Damn that show is funny, I really liked the animation in the episodes and that fucking catchy as hell opening.

My only irritation on your story is that I CAN'T do that idea now! It's soooo PERFECT considering the show's humor, you captured all of the character's so goddamn perfectly! I only wished Ika had gotten really big and Sanae followed in size, that way Sanae could go insane, (well more insane) as she smushed her probably housed sized belly against Ika's.

Overall, if one of the writer's were an FA, and there was somehow a weight gain themed episode I could completely see this happening.

Why the hell is there no WG hentai or anime, there's tentacle based stuff, futanari, GTS, shrinking, all these other fetishes but no fat wtf?!
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
XD sadly I couldn't quite fit in everything I wanted to. I had considered having Nagisa gain early on but I felt that with just the four most main characters it could've worked out perfectly and not seemed like I was struggling to give everyone their own shot. A huge Kiyomi would've been cute too XD

And I'm glad to have caught the series perfectly. I do aim to make stories that seem like they could fit in with the series... If those series contained massive scale weight gain, of course.
Shinuto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm who was Nagisa again? Dammit I should now this I have the whole damn first season on dvd!

I hope my own writing can have that level of capture....I can't remember bu, have you ever taken a look at my stuff before, I feel like I've requested it of you before in the past.

Though let it be known, when I do make MY story, Ika and the others will end up far bigger, Ika will rival Cthlulu in power,...thats how weight gain works right, the fatter you are the stronger your powers get and your defense. Well anyway if you know how powerful Cthlulu is and how much Squid Girl is, then you can get a good estimate of how fat she'll be in my story.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
Nagisa was the girl with the short hair who was scared of Ika Musume and convinced that she was going to take over the world. I could have imagined her gaining weight to gain some confidence against Ika Musume, but I felt I already had enough going on in the story and didn't want it to run much longer than 10 pages to begin with.
Shinuto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
OH dammit man, you could've EASILY added her in, and have it as a way to her temporarily becoming irrationally over confident, an opposite to her irrational fear of Ika Musume.

10 pages...damn, I will make mine 20!

How fat were they all by the end, thats my one gripe, I can't picture how fat they are I just get a feeling that they are very big, but I can't draw an image of them next to normal sized Kiyomi. It's like I know they eclisped her, waht margin..a little, a lot,...more than a mansion..., etc.
TheRealRNG Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
Unfortunately I will honestly admit that I sort of cut to the chase with the end since I didn't feel like there was much left I could do.

I'd say they certainly weren't as big as mansions... Just each of them could probably have trouble fitting into the beach house, I imagine.
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