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Ringo Van Halen
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I HATE EVERY ONE OF YOU except for the ones I like!
Tagged by :iconosakatan:

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people  
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own. so, it's like the oc of the person who tagged you is asking questions?

Chosen OC's name:

Rinko Hoshiou!

1) What gender are you?

Girl as girl can girl!

2) What is your age?

Old enough to drive but not enough to drink!

3) Do you want a hug?

Well of course yes, do you have a hug for me?

4) Do you have any bad habits?

I tend to get distracted looking at squishy people...  Is that REALLY a bad habit though?

5) What is your favorite food?

CAKE! Or Ice cream! OR BOTH!

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Birthday cake!  Best of both worlds.

7) Are you good-looking?

I'm pretty as pretty can be!

8) Have you killed anyone?


9) Do you hate anyone?

Nah, I just wanna spread the looove!

10) Do you have any secrets?

That's a secret!

11) What is your favorite season?

Summer, because everyone with big butts wears small shorts!

12) Who are your best friends?

I baby sit some real cuties, do they count?

13) What are your hobbies?

Hanging out at the ice cream shop watching people enjoy their food!

14) Have you ever cross-dressed?

I actually make a convincing boy~

15) When is your birthday?

June first!

16) What age did you die?

Well if I died I don't think I'd be taking this quiz right now, right?

17) Are you nice or mean?

So nice~

18) What do you think of your creator?

He needs to quit taking so long to write things *grumble*

19) What is your weakness?

Before and after weight loss pics :(

20) How long can you stay under water?

Not really long, blah.

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?

Walk around town, take care of the kiddies for extra spending money, think about squishy folks :Dd

22) Do you love someone?

Maybe I have someone, maybe not~

23) Does that person love you back? Wink/Razz

Iunno! Could you ask them for me?

24) Do you like the person you stole this meme from?

A really good and cute and good friend!

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?


26) At night?


27) What sort of physique do you have?

Tall and slim, though I'll gladly change that :D

28) Do you like your body?

It'd be nice if I had more body.

29) What mood are you in?

Feeling alllll right

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your crush for 2 days straight. What would you do?

Hopefully we have some games we can play together, that'd be fun!  That, or we could feed each other until we burst out >:D

31) Wow, really?

Well if there wasn't anything to do there we'd probably get bored eventually :o!

32) What is your place of origin?

Across the seeeea

33) Large or small family?

Smally small

34) What's the origin of your name?

Something about RNG-Ko, whatever that's supposed to mean!

35) Do you have a phobia?

Diets! Boooo

36) Piercing/tattoos?

I wear some cute earrings!  I have a nice collection of them.

39) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?

Be less lazy!

41) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time?

Sing something really annoying until they go crazy!

42) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?

I got caught streaking through a fat camp once, does that count?

43) What do you like most about your crush?

It's fun to get fat with them :D

44) Do you think anyone has a crush on you?

I really really hope so!

45) What is, in your eyes, the best characteristic about yourself?

I'm totally cute~

46) What's the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you?

That time when they caught me streaking through a fat camp D:

47) What would you do today if you knew the world would end tomorrow?
Eat eat and eat until I'm too fat to even speak!

48) How do you want to be remembered after dying?

As buffet queen!

49) Anything else you'd like to say to these people?

Keep on jiggling folks!

50) Well, that's about it for now i guess

So do I get a 50 dollar gift card for doing this?


Do I get more gift cards for referrals? 
( :iconslash-pseudo: :icondwarfpriest: :iconfrozen-water:)
  • Listening to: Oil Ocean Zone
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: Kirby Triple Deluxe
  • Eating: Donuts
  • Drinking: Coffee
So yeah I'm still here on the net lately, and I apologize for not having written much lately but for the most part I really haven't been up to writing and have been busy otherwise, though I'm still around.  Depending on what happens I may try to get some more writing, but I'm not sure whether it will be larger stories or smaller ones.  Only time will tell!

Also for the time being I'm not taking commissions;  I have a hard enough time writing my own stories so it's tough to write the ideas of others even when money is involved!
  • Listening to: One Gun - Lamb of God
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Eating: Sub sandwich
  • Drinking: Mt Dew Kickstart
Thanks for to playing
  • Listening to: Striving For a Piece of Lucifer - Darkthrone
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: 9 Doors 9 Persona 9 Hours
  • Eating: Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Milk
I've decided that I'm going to open up another set of 3 commissions.  I have a bit more free time anyway and a little bit more money never hurt anyone, so I'll give this a shot!  The rules are the same as in my past journals.  Send me a note if you want a slot as well as how many pages you want and you can get a slot in line.  The rates are as seen below;

3 pages - 7 dollars
5 pages - 12
10 pages - 22
15 pages - 30
20 pages - 38

If you do request one of these and I go over the number of pages you requested you will only be charged as much as you asked for, since I do have a habit of rambling on and may go over some!  And don't worry about paying until after I finish the product; I want to make sure the client is happy with what they're receiving before I money is exchanged.

But yeah, THREE SLOTS.  Buy em!  Make me write your dreams!
  • Listening to: Striving For a Piece of Lucifer - Darkthrone
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: 9 Doors 9 Persona 9 Hours
  • Eating: Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Milk
In news that doesn't relate to commissions and all that, a few friends and I have started a couple Persona weight gain themed Tumblrs where we accept questions and and answer them in character.  And of course the characters are all much larger.  So I'm putting the links here in case you wish to ask them any questions and help mix up some fun.  - Teddie/Kuma
heftyhotspringsheiress.tumblr.… - Yukiko… - Nanako - Chie
kingsizeddetectiveprince.tumbl… - Naoto

Feel free to check them out, and we gladly accept questions!

ALSO we still need more characters to add to our group!  We could definitely use a Rise, though any other Persona character is welcome, so if you'd like to create a character to join us then just send me a note on DA (or ask Chie or me on Tumblr) and we'll work things out to help you join us!  The more the merrier!
  • Listening to: Striving For a Piece of Lucifer - Darkthrone
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: your thoughts
  • Playing: 9 Doors 9 Persona 9 Hours
  • Eating: Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Milk

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